Alpha-gal and sulfite sensitivity, a hopeless combination

So here's what I couldn't have (that was previously in my regular diet): meat from any mammal: beef, pork, lamb, goat, deer, rabbit...etc. etc. seafood. I could go fishing, but most store-bought frozen seafood has been preserved in some way, usually by sulfites garlic, onions, tomatoes, grapes: all have naturally occurring sulfites potatoes, green beans,… Continue reading Alpha-gal and sulfite sensitivity, a hopeless combination


Alpha-gal: It all started when…

Taco night. The kids loved taco night. Heck, the adults loved taco night. One night a week, usually Tuesday or Thursday, simply because ‘Taco-Tuesday’ and ‘Taco-Thursday’ are just that much more fun to declare to gleeful children, I made tacos. Ground beef with that taco seasoning you can get in the giant container at the… Continue reading Alpha-gal: It all started when…

Alpha-gal: Before it all started…seasonal allergies, and the shots

I have seasonal allergies. And by seasonal, I mean three of the four seasons. My dad has them. My mom has them. My parents would self-medicate with pseudoephedrine almost daily when I was growing up. I’m pretty sure my dad still does. I remember my mom being absolutely miserable all spring and summer, to the… Continue reading Alpha-gal: Before it all started…seasonal allergies, and the shots